When I moved to London, I had to leave our family dog, Indhra (Weimaraner) in France and I missed her everyday. After a few years, I felt that I needed to get close to a pooch friend again. That is when I heard about dog walking and found the idea very attractive (at that time, this didn’t exist in France). Therefore, I decided to start my dog walking business, The Camden Dog Walker.

The adventure started in 2010 and I never looked back. Since then, I got Yogi, an Australian shepherd.

I genuinely enjoy each and every walk. Each day is different. Being outdoors, with the dogs all day long is very rewarding, and I have evolved so much through the years.

I have a canine first aid certificate and since 2017, I have been a kennel support volunteer at Battersea and go once a week. It helps me to learn a lot more about dog behaviour and how to approach sensitive and difficult dogs.