“Emilie has been walking our dogs, Olive and Rosie for two years. They are both mixed breed and challenging at times. But through her patience, kindness and authority is managing them very well. She really loves dogs and engages with them to make an interesting walk. She is reliable and we trust her and coudn’t recommend her highly enough.” Tessa

“Emilie has walked our terrier for several years. She is reliable, trustworthy and clearly loves animals. She’s the perfect person to look after our dog.” Simon Lepper

“I recommend Emilie so highly because I know when my very energetic 2 year old dog goes for walks with her, not only does she come back actually tired (which is a major achievment in itself!) but that she’s so well cared for and looked after. Emilie really knows her dogs and is such a lovely, calm presence around them. She is simply the best dog walker!” Rachael Klug

“Emilie goes above and beyond with Dexter. She’s trustworthy, respectful and has great patience. Dexter is always very excited to see her, his tail will wag if we mention her name. She has a lot of love for all the dogs she walks and they show it back. She’s the only person we trust to treat Dexter as we do. He gets plenty of time to run around in the park, she keeps him hydrated when it’s hot, and when he gets home, he shows he’s clearly enjoyed himself.” Richard

“We have been using Emilie’s services for several years now and we are so grateful for all the kindness she has shown to our dear miniature schnauzer, Algie. Emilie is a brilliant dog person, a very lovely woman, and we highly recommend her to others.” John MacIvride

“Rollo (6) and Dulce (2) have been looked after by Emilie since we got them. Both are Podenco rescues from Spain. Not the easiest of dogs to manage due to very strong prey instinct especially squirrels! Emilie is the only person we trust to manage them. They adore Emilie and we can see how good they are with her by the constant photos and videos she sends us during their walks. We would highly recommend Emilie as a great dog walker.” Paula and Allan

“Emilie is a truly outstanding professional dog walker – simply the best! She shows remarkable empathy for the nature and personality of every one of the dogs in her care. She is very focused and attentive on her walks and her love for the dogs is palpable – as is their love and respect for her. Her integrity, dedication, reliability, wisdom and experience have earned our total trust. Our dog is quite a character who certainly knows his own mind but in Emilie’s hands, he is absolute putty! I cannot recommend Emilie highly enough.” Ruth

“Emilie has been my dog walker now for 3 generations of Australian Shepherds. She is the only person I would trust with my home-bred competitions dogs. She is extremely knowledgable, calm in dealing with emergencies, very caring but her reading of dog behaviour is really what sets her apart. My girls aren’t at all easy, both can be reactive in certain situations, but she reads situations long before trouble starts. When they walk with Emilie, I know that they will be very happy, well cared for, given training and enriching activities and most of all, will be safe.” Kat (breeder of Solarwind Aussies)

“The way my furbies rush to greet Emilie is heartwarming. They adore her so much that I think they’d be happy to trade me for her! I carefully observed many dog walkers in my local park before deciding who I would entrust my precious furbies with. Emilie impressed me with her level of care and vigilance, the canine understanding she displays and her gentle and loving approach. Her affinity with the dogs she walks is such that, no matter the size or age difference, they all get along wonderfully. All the dogs (including my little furbies) respond to her commands when off-lead which means they play nicely and get the good run they need. Knowing this gives me peace of mind, and looking at the photos and messages she sends me when out with my precious furbies brings a smile to my day. Emilie responds quickly to any communication, is always ready with help and advice, and tries her best to accomodate last-minute requests. I cannot recommand Emilie highly enough. If you value your peace of mind and the happiness of your dogs, this is the dog walking service for you.” Leila Raz